The Avengers Acura 2013 Car Placement

Whether you’ve seen the movie or not, Marvel’s The Avengers is a great example of doing one thing right: product placement. In the UK, we don’t quite get the joke, movies need money to happen, especially huge, graphically lush blockbuster fantasies, in the US it’s an opportunity. It’s also going to set the model for product placement and movie funding for the future.

Acura, Honda’s luxury car division, have done this one right, not only have they placed the car in-context - i.e. there’s a point to it, rather than it being an unwanted prop. Acura have gone further and scored a double win - by placing the '2013 Acura' concept car, specifically coloured and designed for the movie, they have both ensured it fits in to the colour-rich fictional world of the movie but at the same time positioned the brand as a futuristic and high-tech car manufacturer.

It’s a luxury brand, so those that want the car and can afford it, are likely to want the one from the movie, but even for those that can’t afford it, it’s aspirational and brand-building, I may not be able to get the 2013 Acura, but I now know about it and will visit their site, see what’s there. The constant use of Google Maps for navigation also builds the brand, both as a technology rich car, but also transcending the model-range - even if you get their most bog-standard looking luxury saloon (which is likely to sell higher volumes), you can get the features.

The beauty of the Acura Avengers placement however is their remixing and trailing of their placement. A bespoke ‘Acura’ edit of the movie serves as a trailer for the movie, but created by Acura and showcasing the car at the heart of the action. From this point, even if the Avengers had not been a box office hit (it’s already on par with Avatar and Harry Potter), Acura have a video ad online with nearly half a million YouTube views, it’s hard to get those types of figures outside of Superbowl teasers.

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